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Steeped in Art Coloring Book


This enchanting adult coloring book that offers a delightful blend of creativity and knowledge. Each page features intricately designed tea cups, inviting coloring enthusiasts to bring them to life with their own colors and imagination. Each illustration is accompanied by an interesting tea trivia fact that relates to the image, providing a learning experience along with the creative process.

Beyond the coloring and trivia, the book offers a fascinating journey into the world of tea. It delves into the historical and cultural context of tea, showcasing its significance in various societies and traditions across the globe. This coloring book serves as a wonderful combination of artistry and education, making it a perfect companion for those who appreciate the beauty of art and have a curiosity for the history and culture of tea. It encourages readers to sip on knowledge while indulging in the therapeutic joy of coloring, creating a unique and memorable experience.



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