Nov 09

The Golden Rules for Tea Storage

The merits of tea (beyond the fact that it's delicious) are numerous -- the levels of caffeine in black tea provide an energy boost without the jitters of coffee; green tea is well-known for improving brain function, and may reduce the risk of cancer; herbal infusions can boost your immune system with ingredients like elderberries and hibiscus. But what most people don't know is that tea can lose some of these qualities if it's improperly stored. Are you preserving all the treasures that tea has to offer in your loose-leaf tea at home?

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Aug 19

Tea and Food Pairing

Pairing tea with food is an adventure in discovering flavors! Read all about it and see our Suggested Pairings here.

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Jul 14
Apr 18

Afternoon teas being offered in Milford

Read an article about our Afternoon Teas being held at Gatherings located in the Colonel Shepherd House in Milford.

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May 01

Seven Charming Tea Rooms in New Hampshire

"If you’re a lover of tea, then you’ll want to check out the following 7 picture perfect tearooms in New Hampshire. These spots are cozy, comforting, and delicious."

The Cozy Tea Cart is listed as #2 in this article!

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Feb 11

Interview with Danielle

Listen to an interview with Danielle on YouTube. Video created by Erik Kikander.

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Oct 29
Aug 12

The Loose Leaf Tea Review included TCTC in their Twitter post

Find a link to TCTC's Frequently Asked Questions web page in a Twitter post, here, from The Loose Leaf Tea Review Daily, along with some great articles: "A Beginner's Guide to Drinking Better Oolong Tea" (by Max Falkowitz), "51 Tea Facts Every Tea Lover Should Know" (from Tea Answers), and "Reduce Stress with a Cup of Premium Black Tea" (from the Republic of Tea).

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Jul 17

Cool, calm and caffeinated: A look at this summer’s coffee and tea trends


By Allie Ginwala

To ice or not to ice? That is the question coffee and tea drinkers face each year when July rolls in with its hot and muggy days. While some loyalists will always go hot or always go iced regardless of the weather outside, many people make the switch to cold drinks for the summer months.

To find out the best way to get a cold caffeine fix, the Hippo spoke with A&E Coffee and Tea owner Emeran Langmaid and The Cozy Tea Cart owner Danielle Beaudette about the latest trends to check out at the cafe or try in your home kitchen.
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Mar 08

Taiwan's Treasured Tea

by Danielle Beaudette (pages 22-23)

In October 2011, I journeyed on The Taiwan Oolong Study Tour, organized through the Taiwan Tea Institute by Thomas and Josephine Shu. This intensive week and a half-long tea trip included visiting Taiwan's tea gardens, observing hands-on tea making in the factories with tea masters, and visiting tea museums, tea houses, temples, tea farmers and their farms, and scientists. It would be impossible to discuss the entire trip in one article, so I will focus on a specific tea I discovered - Oriental Beauty - which has become one of my favorites.

We visited an organic tea garden in Mingjian, Nantou. The owner, Mr. Cheng Cheng-Ching and his wife greeted us at the side of the road. We walked for some time through the outskirts of one of their tea gardens, occasionally through very thick brush along thin, winding, wild paths to reach the farthest side of the garden. This was the only access to the organic tea garden. Here, the tea bushes were surrounded by natural forest and isolated from the other tea fields. Mr. Cheng explained that they also grow ginger and osmanthus on this estate, which they blend with some of their teas. The ginger is planted between the young tea plants until the tea plants grow large enough to be harvested. Afterwards, the ginger is moved to another area of young tea plants.

Read the rest of the article that appeared in Applaud Women magazine here.

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Nov 26

Global Traditions of Tea

by Danielle Beaudette (pages 22-23)

A tea ceremony is a communion of feeling, when good friends come together at the right moment, under the best conditions.
~Yasunari Kawabata

With winter months comes cooler weather and we find ourselves reaching for that hot cup of tea to warm us. People often refer to the ‘way of tea,’ meaning the aspects of tea production and tea brewing along with its history, health benefits and ceremonies.

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Nov 10

TCTC on The Yvonne Dunetz Show, WSMN 1590

Listen to Danielle's radio interview on The Yvonne Dunetz Show, WSMN 1590.

The Yvonne Dunetz Show WSMN 1590, 10/20/14

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Nov 07

TCTC on Casey's Corner, 980 WCAP

Listen to Danielle's radio interview on Casey's Corner, 980 WCAP.

Casey's Corner on 980 WCAP, 10/15/14

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Oct 03

Retailer Profile: The Cozy Tea Cart

by Katrina Avila Munichiello
Two years ago, Danielle Beaudette was operating her tea shop from a retail space connected to her home. Deep in a residential section of her southern New Hampshire community, her outstanding collection of teas, deep tea knowledge and customer loyalty kept people coming through the door for eight years, stocking up on their favorites. She decided it was time to take the next step with . . .

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Sep 25

Time Out to Consider Tea in Townsend

by Anne O'Connor

TOWNSEND -- Tea is much more than a bag of leaves. The Townsend United Methodist Church and tea specialist Danielle Beaudette aim to educate local drinkers about just what goes into that soothing beverage.

Beaudette is a certified tea specialist. She was one of the first 15 people to earn this distinction through . . .

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Sep 01

Tea Travels Through Sri Lanka

by Danielle Beaudette (pages 22-24)

Ayubowan (hello, long life) is how I was warmly greeted in Sri Lanka as we pass by the local walking in the streets; they smile and wave at us, happy to see Americans. The crisp white, colorful dresses of the women carrying brightly colored umbrellas are picturesque.

We drive through areas where the Singalese are celebrating their New Year holiday with week-long festivals, offering food, games, bike races, and much more. Politicians take this opportunity to drive in their enormous speaker-laden automobiles throughout the streets soliciting votes.

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Jun 18

Flower Power: Tea In Bloom

by Maria Noel Groves

In the land of tea, leaves represent the masses, but the royalty of flowers brings rich texture to loose blends and infuses a little something special into your teacup. From the simple floral focus of a lightly brewed chamomile tisane to a jasmine-kissed delicate green, you can celebrate the season by plucking garden of blooms from your tea cupboard.

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Apr 12

Most Frequently Asked Question on Tea

The first teas brought into this country were whole leaf teas and we continued to consume it until 1904. This is when Thomas Sullivan, a thrifty tea merchant, created the tea bag as a means to send smaller samples of loose tea to his customers. It was intended for the customer to take the tea out of the bag to steep it, but they found it easier to steep it in the bag; therefore, it was an accidental discovery by Thomas! Today, poorer quality, machine harvested tea is used for the tea bags. In addition, the paper used for the bags is bleached and chlorinated which reduces the shelf life and health benefits of the tea. In the past 20 years, this has lead to consumers wanting to go back to the whole leaf tea for its health benefits and twice-longer shelf life. But this was not without hesitation. Since Americans are so used to the bag, steeping loose tea is somewhat of a mystery. Following are answers to your most frequently asked questions.

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Feb 22

Whole Leaf Tea

The Cozy Tea Cart's owner Danielle Beaudette talks about whole leaf tea on WMUR's Cook's Corner.

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Jan 06

Warm Up this Holiday Season with a Cup of Tea

by Danielle Beaudette

Christmas tea dates as far back as the 1860s, when Royal tea parties were common throughout the season. Looking into the history of Christmas tea, you will find it almost always consists of a cup of hearty Indian black tea blended with a variety of seasonal spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, orange peel, and cloves. It is also common to add dried apple, mint leaves, or lemon slices for a tangier flavor. This spicy blend will take milk and sugar well, but it is recommended that you enjoy it straight up to get the full flavor of the spices.

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Dec 06

Tea for All

by Irene Labombarde

As the weather grows colder, people often turn to hot beverages for comfort, especially a soothing cup of tea. How many of us ever think about what goes into producing that perfect cup of tea?

Danielle Beaudette, owner of The Cozy Tea Cart on Route 13 in Brookline, has years of education and experience in all things tea, from how it is grown and harvested to creating custom blends and using it as an ingredient in other products, such as baked goods, chocolates and even skin creams. Her shop is filled with a huge selection of tea leaves, tea sets and . . .

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Sep 20

The Great Herb Fair at John Jay Homestead

Martha Stewart blogged about this annual Herb Fair, sponsored by the New York Unit of the Herb Society of America, and included several photos of The Cozy Tea Cart's table at the fair!

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Sep 01

The Lure of Pu-erh tea

by Danielle Beaudette

There are five categories of tea: white, green, oolong, black and dark teas. Pu-erh tea falls under the dark tea category. Dark tea (Hei Cha – which translates to black tea in Chinese) is a “post-fermented” tea. It should not be confused with what we call black tea here in America, which is hong cha, or “red tea” in Chinese. Dark teas are processed in the Hunan province, Anhua County, Guangdong, and in the Yunnan Province of China. Pu-erh tea from the Yunnan province . . .

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Jun 12

Warm Weather Tea Ideas

by Danielle Beaudette

Often people associate tea with the cooler months, utilizing its warmth to revitalize their bodies. And when the warmer weather approaches, the tea cup is set aside until the Fall weather arrives. Sure, many of us drink iced tea, but it is usually purchased in bottles from the local stores. Some people aren't sure how to use their favorite loose hot tea as an iced tea. Or they think it's too much work.

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Apr 05

The Lure of Darjeeling Teas

by Danielle Beaudette

The tea gardens throughout Darjeeling produce teas with different characteristics in taste and aroma with little bitterness and astringency due to their geographical location near the Himalayas. The high elevation, mist and fog, sunny weather, and the rich soil are unique to this region. There are locals who believe that the mountain range is the breath of God that brings the winds that cool the sunny region, and the mist and fog which provides the moisture. What we do know is that the estate owners and laborers work diligently to provide us with some of the finest teas in the world.

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Jan 05

Take a Moment for Yourself This Holiday Season

by Danielle Beaudette

Holidays can be stressful. We work hard to find the perfect gift, the proper greeting card, the best recipe for our holiday dinner. Stress can bring on so many emotions that we’ve all experienced. On a trip to China with the U.S. Tea Association members, I had a wonderful experience that I’d like to share with you.

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Dec 06

Redefining what it means to be a Tea Shop

by Teresa Santoski

Some revolutions happen quietly, with changes taking place in little pockets of the country before they sweep through society as a whole.

Such changes are brewing in a small plaza on Route 13 in Brookline, where Danielle Beaudette, owner of The Cozy Tea Cart Cafe, is redefining the modern tea room.

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Aug 02

Sponsor Welcome: Power Up For PCOS

by Beth Wolf

I am excited to announce that The Cozy Tea Cart will be contributing sample teas, coupons and tea information to our goody bags for the first 25 registered participants for our Power Up for PCOS 5K fundraiser to benefit Power Up for PCOS and InCYST Institute for Hormone Health.

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Apr 08

De-Stress and Stay Alert With Tea!

by Danielle Beaudette

All tea, whether white, green, oolong, or black, comes from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. For this reason, scientists recommend drinking any type of loose tea to get the maximum health benefits. Five cups per day is recommended, so give yourself some variety and choose a tea from each category!

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Jan 08

From Drinking Tea To Eating Tea . . . Happy and Healthy Cooking

by Danielle Beaudette

For many years, people have enjoyed the freehand delicate flavors of whole leaf tea. Some turn to tea for its unique ability to help them relax, while others choose tea for its health benefits. There are lots of reasons why we choose to appreciate tea; however, there is one reason most often overlooked - tea as the secret ingredient in our everyday meals!

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Dec 13

Start the New Year with a Healthier Cup and Lifestyle

by Danielle Beaudette

It’s a New Year and time to reboot our health regimen. We need to reflect on what we did this past year to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and perhaps what we need to work on more. We suggest including tea as a main ingredient in your diet for many reasons.

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Nov 18

Unique Holiday Shopping in Southern New Hampshire

by Steve Russo

It’s very convenient to shop for the holidays at many of the malls that cover the state or to order from catalogs or online. But if you are looking for a unique shopping experience, consider some of the specialty shops that are located in several of the small towns throughout the southern tier of New Hampshire. They carry items not often found in “big box” or mall stores, often artisan-made and selected by local experts who can share their enthusiasm for the beautiful and/or useful objects arrayed before you.

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Jun 08

Cool Off With Freshly Brewed Iced Teas!

by Danielle Beaudette

About half of the American population drinks tea each day and about 85% of this tea is iced. Globally, tea is the most widely consumed beverage, only second to water. So it is no surprise that the food celebration calendars have dedicated the month of June as National Iced Tea Month!

During the summer months we tend to be more health conscious and we pay even closer attention to the foods and beverages we are consuming. While it may be easier to reach for the ready-to-drink (RTD) bottled, teas, be cautious of the higher calories and lower flavonoid (antioxidant) content. The RTD teas and powdered teas contain approximately 1/5 of the flavonoids of freshly brewed teas.

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Jun 06

Stepping Out

by Ann Bilowz

In between the busy weekend chores, it’s nice to slip out of town on a beautiful spring afternoon. So off to the Cozy Tea Cart in Brookline, NH we went where Danielle Beaudette was hosting her Annual Summer Garden Gathering with a noontime Japanese tea ceremony. The Kaji Aso Studio did the tea honors. Interesting and informative!

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May 05

The Fine Art of Making Whole Leaf Tea

by Danielle Beaudette

We enjoy this incredible brew on a daily basis, but do you really know how the leaf gets from the field to the cup? The story of tea has been clad in mystery, since it was first discovered around 5000 years ago. Emperor Shen Nong, while scouting the far reaching lands of China for medicinal herbs, came upon the tea leaf that just happened to fall directly in his cup of boiling water. His curiosity and delight in the taste of the brew led to the cultivation of the tea plant Camellia Sinensis.

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Apr 20

Stuck On Tea

by Ann Bilowz

It’s about that time when a heads-up for fertilizing your lawns, pruning your ornamentals or penning a quick design tip for your spring pathways should be found within these blog pages but I’m still stuck on tea! As I sip on my coffee, (I’m not a morning tea drinker) I find myself back on the subject of tea.

Many of us are too familiar with the taste of the standard, supermarket quality tea bags, which are basically mass produced and taste like leftover churnings from the lawnmower. But loose tea found only in a quality shop is truly a heavenly experience, even for a snobbish coffee drinker.

To keep this brief and to the point, find a moment to ‘Indulge Yourself’ at the Cozy Tea Cart in Brookline, NH. Tucked away at the end of a neighborhood subdivision, Danielle Beaudette has a quaint tea room attached to her home. This lady is the real McCoy. Knowledgeable and trained in the subject, Danielle personally sources the teas found in her shop from throughout the world. She engages her customer with tips, tastings and offers plenty of gift ideas for the tea lover. If that’s not enough, she’ll explain the history, the intricacies and the process to creating the world’s best teas.

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Feb 07

A Good Cuppa Tea

by Casey Anderson

So the stress of the morning commute and the cold weather is giving you the blues and making you a little anxious. Take a moment and a deep breath, and according to an article by Helen Saberi in Tea a Global History, “English grandmothers say, a good cuppa tea puts the world to right.”

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Jan 05

Indian Cultural Series

By Jen Richman

Wilmington Memorial Library is promoting South Asian culture through a series of free India-related events it is hosting through the month of February. Beginning Feb. 1 and continuing through Feb. 28, seven events will focus on several aspects of Indian culture. The series kicks off on Feb. 1 at 7 p.m. with photos, stories and tea with Cozy Tea Cart owner Danielle Beaudette, as she shares her experiences from traveling through India and Sri Lanka.

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Sep 14

Cooking With Tea: A Healthy Option

by Danielle Beaudette

The fall awakens our senses to the vibrant colors transforming the trees and the sounds of fallen leaves beneath our feet. This is the time to enjoy the outdoors and all that autumn in New England has to offer. Be sure to hydrate yourself with a travel mug filled with steaming tea as you set out on your foliage travels.

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Jun 15

What's In Your Iced Tea?

by Danielle Beaudette

We'’ve heard about the numerous health benefits that tea offers. What we may not be aware of is that with the growing number of choices for our favorite summer beverage, many may not live up to these benefits. Preparing your own freshly brewed iced tea is simple, and looking back through history, this has been a long-time trend.

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Apr 07

Tea Is As Good On You As It Is In You!

by Danielle Beaudette

We all enjoy drinking whole leaf teas for their natural health benefits and delicious taste. But tea isn’t just for enjoying as a beverage. Many fine chefs around the world are cooking with tea to promote healthy eating, and quality skin care companies are promoting tea as one of the key ingre- dients in their skin care products. Tea is loaded with a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. So it’s only natural that we would find companies promoting the use of tea extract or tea seed oil with other healthy and natu- ral ingredients to beautify the skin.

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Jan 11

Tea - Health Benefits

by Danielle Beaudette

January is National Hot Tea Month, and a time when eating and drinking healthy is on everyone’s mind. With cold and flu season upon us, it is even more important to know what we are putting into our bodies. So why focus on tea? Tea’s history dates back over 5,000 years. It was first used as a medicinal beverage, and grew into a beverage of choice.

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Aug 01

Traveling Through the Tea Lands of Sri Lanka and India

It's no surprise why they call Sri Lanka the “Island of Delight,” with its tropical island weather and warm, friendly greetings, “Ayubowan” (hello and long life) everywhere we went. Our stay here was during their New Year Holiday, giving us the opportunity to see many of their holiday celebrations. In traveling through the tropical landscape to the different tea estates, we stopped at roadside fresh fruit stands, an old British-built Anglican Church, and a Batik workshop where we saw the beautiful Batik artwork being created by hand.

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May 12

Eat a Bowl of Tea

by Kristy Holland

Don’t just drink it—the antioxidant benefits of Camellia sinensis transcend its traditional liquid state. When it comes to tea, you can sip your Keemun and eat it, too. Low-fat, flavorful, and packed with cancer-fighting antioxidants and obesity fighting catechins, tea is undergoing an urban revival of sorts.

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