Dear Danielle,
Thank you SO much for the amazing presentation and multicultural tea experience yesterday. The children and families had a wonderful time – I’ve already been asked to pass along thanks from a number of them! Learning about different tea ceremonies and cultural traditions around tea was a meaningful way to honor AANHPI Month, all while enjoying delightful sips from around the world. Your setup and presentation were so thoughtfully and meaningfully prepared, and made the whole experience deeper and more authentic. I was touched by your generosity with the tea candies, as well as the incredibly kind and heartfelt gift of matcha genmaicha tea for  my husband and I. (We already enjoyed some last night!) You are a wonderful person and what you do is admirable and beautiful. We look forward to visiting you at your shop this summer!
Warm regards,

“What an inspiring lecture. Your experience and lecturing style is beyond compare, thank you!”  ~ Jeanne Barton, New York unit Herb Association

Creating the Desired Culture in Corporate America: One of TCTC’s regular and long time customers was telling Danielle a story around the holidays about how tea has had a significant impact on his company. Danielle was so touched by his uplifting story that she asked him if he would type it up and give her permission to share it with others. 

“It’s a special evening when you can combine two passions: tea and books at the Cozy Teacart in Brookline, NH. Having the opportunity to sample delicious teas and meet an author, experience their work and interact with them in a small setting is a wonderful.” ~ Brian Woodbury

“I really loved the tea lecture – A Tea Tour through India and Sri Lanka! The pictures were amazing, and it was really informative. I enjoyed your poem. It really painted a picture of the factories, and the rolling hills with tea bushes. Plus, the tea you brought was great, my mum and I will come visit the Cozy Tea Cart soon. It was great meeting you.” ~ Julianne

“I just want to Thank You for a wonderful learning experience during your class at Fitchburg State. You can be sure I will recommend this class to my friends. You are an excellent instructor and an expertise in the mystery of tea. I will never look at tea again without thinking of you and the knowledge I have learned. I wish you every success in your business.” ~ Toni Cormier

Thank you so much for making my shower absolutely beautiful! I had so much fun, and loved the Victorian tea and delicious food. Thank you for the thoughtful wedding tea gift (I love it!). Aaron and I feel so blessed and are humbled by the love and support of our family and friends. Thank you! Love, Danielle Phaneuf

“I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much everyone enjoyed the tea this past Saturday. The food and tea were fabulous. And you and Lisa were just wonderful. We all enjoyed the tea history you shared. I hope the rest of your summer goes well. Thank you again and we will certainly be visiting your shop in the future.” ~ Carol Sullivan

“I tried the sample of the gingerbread orange tea that you gave me and I LOVED it. Thanks so much – I believe this is my new favorite – right up there with the hot cinnamon sunset. We skied this weekend at Sunapee and I brought my hot cinnamon sunset sachets with me. I had a wonderful cup of tea at lunch that was the envy of the others at my table! Thanks for providing me with such a simple, but wonderful, pleasure.” ~ Debi Cooke

On behalf of our office, I would like to send you a special thank you for the lovely Garden Tea Luncheon that you provided for the retirement of our client and her friends at the Derry Garden Club. The quality of the food and tea selection was superb. Our guests were especially delighted with the elegant ambiance you created and the fine table service. The decorations and music added a special touch as only you can do. Our client was truly impressed. Once again, thank you for a job well done. ~ Lisa Cancellieri, Director of Client Services

Thank you so much for enlightening me to the world of fine teas. Up until a few years ago my tea drinking was limited to Red Rose, Salada or Tetley brewed and served in the traditional Celtic manner with milk and honey or sugar. It wasn’t that the tea was bad, but it left me feeling like it was just another hot beverage to drink on a cold morning. Recently, I had heard about some of the health benefits of drinking tea, and have made numerous attempts in the past few years to start drinking more tea. Unfortunately, each time I would buy a new box of herbal or green tea or Earl Grey, I would end up feeling the same way as I did with the traditional store-bought black teas, it was just another hot beverage. In some cases, as with most green teas I’ve tried, the taste of the tea was almost bad enough to make me stop drinking tea altogether. Once I tasted your organic green with citrus I knew that a brand new world had been opened up to me. The Mutan white tea put me over the top, it was so good. I never even knew there was such a thing as white tea and certainly didn’t  know how good tea is in general for the human body. I will never go back to buying tea from a grocery store. After trying only a few of your teas, I am really looking forward to trying more of your offerings. Thanks again.
Russ Brown, a very happy customer from Waltham, Massachusetts

This (Victorian Tea) gave me a wonderful afternoon of relaxation and lovely tea and treats. I look forward to joining you as often as you hold teas! ~ Becki Sherman

On behalf of the MUMC Vacation Bible Study team, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to you for bringing your teas and talents to our adult class. Everyone was impressed by the quality of the tea and equally so by your extensive knowledge on the benefits of drinking tea. We appreciate the extra touches you did to make the evening such a success. ~ Suzanne Randlett

In response to attending an Afternoon Garden Tea…”A wonderful respite from a hurried world!” ~ Anna Cram

“A very warm thank-you for making Shannon’s 7th birthday party a huge success! The mom’s here were commenting on how well organized it was.”
“Thank-you for my birthday tea party. My favorite part was when we sat down and had tea!”
~ Suzanne and Shannon Mutty

Thank you so much for the quick, elegant, and delicious catering that you provided for the Baby Welcoming. My friends were impressed by the food – both the variety and the taste. The cookies were everyone’s favorite! The cake was a work of art, incorporating fresh flowers onto a beautiful basket drawn in sugar icing. I’ve never had a carrot cake quite so moist. Thank you for your patience, for being easy to work with, and for being willing to try new things. I would not hesitate to recommend The Cozy Tea Cart to anyone in need of catering for a shower. You were a joy! ~ Robyn Chittister

I received my package today and wanted to write and thank you for all the wonderful samples you included. I will enjoy trying them all. I’m sure I’ll be ordering again when these are running low. Thank you for selling such high quality teas. I had a neighbor come over last week and she’d never had loose tea. She tried my Peach Pineapple Pizazz and really liked it. Thank you for your kindness and for great teas! ~ Mona Davis

“I can’t remember how I heard about your place, but over the weekend I finally made it! My sister, niece & I made it our mission to go on Saturday & we absolutely loved it! Our waitress was adorable & the rest of the staff were absolutely fabulous & very knowledgeable. The atmosphere was super cozy, comfy, great food, tea, dessert & we had a “happy time” in the gift shop too. We will definitely be back! Shared with several friends at work today & will be back with my other sisters. Thank you for offering such a wonderful experience!” ~ Very sincerely, Chris