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Organic Golden Monkey


‘Panyong Wang,’ the king of high grade black teas, is among the finest black teas available from China. There are only certain varietals that can produce these golden leaves – the color becomes apparent during the processing of the leaf. Only the bud and first leaf are picked for this tea. The leaf is beautiful with long, full golden buds with rolled thread-like curls and a consistent golden color. The infusion is a golden amber color with magnificent, full- bodied smooth flavors of sweet honey notes that linger intoxicatingly on your palate. Organic Golden Monkey grows at a very high elevation on precarious mountain peaks, and is difficult to pluck the leaves. Legend says that the local people trained monkeys to pluck the leaves. Others say it’s the e ¬†golden curls of the leaf that resemble monkey claws or the golden hairs on monkeys. Rest assured that no monkeys were used in the plucking of these leaves!

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