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  • Cool, calm and caffeinated: A look at this summer’s coffee and tea trends

    By Allie Ginwala aginwala@hippopress.com

    To ice or not to ice? That is the question coffee and tea drinkers face each year when July rolls in with its hot and muggy days. While some loyalists will always go hot or always go iced regardless of the weather outside, ma …

  • Taiwan’s Treasured Tea

    by Danielle Beaudette (pages 22-23)

    In October 2011, I journeyed on The Taiwan Oolong Study Tour, organized through the Taiwan Tea Institute by Thomas and Josephine Shu. This intensive week and a half-long tea trip included visiting Taiwan’s tea gardens, observing hands-on tea making in the factories with tea mas …

  • Global Traditions of Tea

    by Danielle Beaudette (pages 22-23)

    A tea ceremony is a communion of feeling, when good friends come together at the right moment, under the best conditions.
    ~Yasunari Kawabata

    With winter months comes cooler weather and we find ourselves reaching for that hot cup of tea to warm us. People oft …

  • Retailer Profile: The Cozy Tea Cart

    by Katrina Avila Munichiello
    Two years ago, Danielle Beaudette was operating her tea shop from a retail space connected to her home. Deep in a residential section of her southern New Hampshire community, her outstanding collection of teas, deep tea knowledge and customer loyalty kept people coming through the door for eig …

  • Time Out to Consider Tea in Townsend

    by Anne O’Connor

    TOWNSEND — Tea is much more than a bag of leaves. The Townsend United Methodist Church and tea specialist Danielle Beaudette aim to educate local drinkers about just what goes into that soothing beverage.

    Beaudette is a certified tea specialist. She was one of the first 15 people to e …

  • Tea Travels Through Sri Lanka

    by Danielle Beaudette (pages 22-24)

    Ayubowan (hello, long life) is how I was warmly greeted in Sri Lanka as we pass by the local walking in the streets; they smile and wave at us, happy to see Americans. The crisp white, colorful dresses of the women carrying brightly colored umbrellas are picturesque.

    We …

  • Flower Power: Tea In Bloom

    by Maria Noel Groves

    In the land of tea, leaves represent the masses, but the royalty of flowers brings rich texture to loose blends and infuses a little something special into your teacup. From the simple floral focus of a lightly brewed chamomile tisane to a jasmine-kissed delicate green, you can celebrate the se …

  • Most Frequently Asked Question on Tea

    The first teas brought into this country were whole leaf teas and we continued to consume it until 1904. This is when Thomas Sullivan, a thrifty tea merchant, created the tea bag as a means to send smaller samples of loose tea to his customers. It was intended for the customer to take the tea out of the bag to steep it, but …

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