Retailer Profile: The Cozy Tea Cart

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by Katrina Avila Munichiello
Two years ago, Danielle Beaudette was operating her tea shop from a retail space connected to her home. Deep in a residential section of her southern New Hampshire community, her outstanding collection of teas, deep tea knowledge and customer loyalty kept people coming through the door for eight years, stocking up on their favorites. She decided it was time to take the next step with . . .

. . . a new home for The Cozy Tea Cart.
In June 2013 she opened her new shop on Route 13 in Brookline, New Hampshire. As is inevitably the case, there were many surprises along the way. The space was in tough shape, requiring Beaudette to put up new walls, rip up carpets and lay new floors. She had plenty of moments where she didn’t think they’d make the opening date. But she did. And the customers hadn’t stopped, some stepping through the construction to see if they could still buy tea.