The Fine Art of Making Whole Leaf Tea

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by Danielle Beaudette

We enjoy this incredible brew on a daily basis, but do you really know how the leaf gets from the field to the cup? The story of tea has been clad in mystery, since it was first discovered around 5000 years ago. Emperor Shen Nong, while scouting the far reaching lands of China for medicinal herbs, came upon the tea leaf that just happened to fall directly in his cup of boiling water. His curiosity and delight in the taste of the brew led to the cultivation of the tea plant Camellia Sinensis.

This plant is indigenous to China; however, it is grown and harvested in temperate climates all over the world. Many are surprised to hear that the tastes, textures and aromas of the different varieties of tea all come from the same plant. What gives us these qualities is the unique terrain, climate, culture, and taste preferences that each country offers. However, the magic begins to happen beginning with the cultivation and ending with the processing of the leaf.