Cooking With Tea: A Healthy Option

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by Danielle Beaudette

The fall awakens our senses to the vibrant colors transforming the trees and the sounds of fallen leaves beneath our feet. This is the time to enjoy the outdoors and all that autumn in New England has to offer. Be sure to hydrate yourself with a travel mug filled with steaming tea as you set out on your foliage travels.

The changing season brings new harvests in a bounty of fruits and vegetables. This is the time to take advantage of all the fresh produce appearing on farm stand shelves. Fresh picked apples are in abundance in all varieties, ready for your first apple pie of the season. A somewhat new approach to making your fresh produce even healthier is to add tea as your secret ingredient, and why not? Tea estates all over the world are readying for their last harvest, before allowing the bushes to lay dormant for the winter.