A Good Cuppa Tea

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by Casey Anderson

So the stress of the morning commute and the cold weather is giving you the blues and making you a little anxious. Take a moment and a deep breath, and according to an article by Helen Saberi in Tea a Global History, English grandmothers say, a good cuppa tea puts the world to right.

Tea has been around for thousands of years nearly 5000 years…, actually. It was discovered in 2737 BC by Chinese Emperor Shen-Nung, known as the Divine Healer, when as legend goes, some tea leaves accidentally blew into the Emperor’s pot of boiling water, states the web site for the Tea Association of the United States of America (2011). In recent years, well last century, the United States has brought about significant innovations in the marketing of tea. It is said that Thomas Sullivan a New York tea merchant invented the tea bag and iced tea in 1904.