Tea Ball Infuser with Crystal Teapot Charm

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Handmade stainless steel tea ball infuser with a beautiful crystal teapot charm that will sparkle and shine while you enjoy your cup of tea! These tea balls make wonderful gifts or party favors. Available in assorted charm designs: since our selection varies we will randomly choose a design for you.

Two sizes:
2 inches – perfect for a single cup or a 2-cup teapot
3 inches – large enough for a 4-cup teapot

Materials: Stainless steel, glass, crystals

Disposable All Natural Tea Bags

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You can enjoy loose tea anywhere with these convenient disposable unbleached, chlorine free paper bags. These easy-to-fill bags have a longer flap on one side. This helps close the bag, or you can trap the top of the bag under a teapot or travel mug lid and close it tight. The loose tea has plenty of room to expand and release its flavor. They are available in two sizes, 100 disposable bags or 50 disposable bags and are similar in size to a #2 and #3 T-Sac tea filter. These compostable, all natural filters are packaged in a bio-degradable clear pla bag (poly lactic acid, a polymer derived from natural starches).

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