Organic Pomegranate Gem

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This mouthwatering pomegranate blend is refreshing and delicious! It is a blend of Organic China Sencha, organic rose petals and organic flavoring. The flavor is slightly sweet with a full floral aroma. You will want to treat yourself to this premium antioxidant-abundant blend! It is fantastic hot or iced.  

NYHSA Ginger Spice

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This blend was created for the New York Herb Society’s 2023 Fall Fair event. The national herb of the year is ginger, which is prevalent in this tea. This energizing blend offers warm spices that add an intriguing delicious flavor that will delight your senses! It is a blend of teas from China and India, ginger, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper and aniseed. Bring water to a full boil, approx. 212F. Re-steep a second time!

White Velvet

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Enjoy the mild yet fascinating aroma of this whole leaf Mutan White tea from China infused with an irresistible velvety vanilla. The added addition of rosebuds makes it a beautiful tea to enjoy while steeping and adds a hint of rose flavor. This is a tea you can enjoy any time of day.

TCTC Spice

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A rich, full-bodied Sri-Lankan black tea blended with orange peel, spices, clove oil, and all natural flavoring that is sweetly spicy. This is the perfect tea on a frigid day– the fragrant, delightful spices will warm you quickly.

Sweet Hazelnut Cream Decaf

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This smooth, rich blend of CO2 decaffeinated Sri Lankan black tea offers a silky, cream hazelnut flavor with a hint of sweet cinnamon. Comforting and decadent, the cocoa nibs, all-natural hazelnut and crème flavor, orange peel, and marigold flowers leave you with a comforting infusion. Compliment it with a light pastry for the perfect sweet finish.  

Sweet Cinnamon Orange

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This is a spicy-sweet blend that is full-bodied, but caffeine-free. With cinnamon, orange peel, and clove blended over a rooibos base, this herbal makes you think of baking cookies on a cold day. But is also great iced, on a hot day, it turns amazingly sweet.

Roasted Almond

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In this delicious roasted almond dessert blend you will find balanced flavors of rooibos and roasted almonds. It offers a depth and richness of flavor and aroma with the flavor or creamy marzipan. It is a blend of rooibos, almond flakes, all natural flavoring, coconut rasps, and rose buds.

Organic Chai

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This warm herbal blend produces a delightfully complex amber infusion with a smooth and spicy finish. It has a peppery aroma with a hint of sweetness. This exotic organic blend of ginger root, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, vanilla bean and Rooibos will leave a slightly sweet lingering finish on your taste buds!

Nut-tea Cookie

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This caffeine-free rooibos is full of nutty goodness that has the intense aroma of fresh-baked peanut cookies. We started with herbal rooibos, and blended it with roasted almonds, walnut, peanut, and hazelnut pieces. To offer a little sweetness, we added candied pineapple, mango and papaya pieces with coconut chips and all natural flavoring. A purely delightful blend that will satisfy your sweet tooth!

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