Sticky Rice Puerh

This is a savory blend of shou puerh and a widely used Chinese Yunnan herb called Nuo Mi Xiang, which gives the tea its ‘sticky rice’ flavor. It is made of the large-leaf variety of teas named “maocha” that grow in the mountains of Yunnan. The loose puerh is stored with dried Nuo Mi Xiang leaves for several months before being compressed into a heart shape. The ratio of Puerh and Nuo Xi Xiang in each heart is roughly 10:1. Once brewed, the liquor is dark amber, and the infusion is smooth and silky, with subtly sweet earthy undertones. The pleasant nutty aroma of the sticky rice herb together with the smooth tea liquor is a gratifying match. This tea is the perfect accompaniment to a heavy poultry or beef dinner, or hearty soup. We encourage multiple steepings of this tea; each will taste different and uniquely delicious.


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