Denong Ginseng Ripe Puerh Tea

Spring picked in 2005
Broken from compressed tea cakes, this ripe Puerh is smooth, dark, and brisk. The fruity aroma and lingering mouth feel is reminiscent of ginseng broth.  This Shou Puerh tea is broken from compressed tea cakes for easier use, and retains all of its original flavor.

Drink to Your Health
While Puerh tea is known to have many health benefits, this particular tea has enhanced features due to its natural ginseng scent. After a decade of aging, this tea has developed a unique aroma and character ideal for helping you wind down after a hard day's work and focus on what tomorrow will bring. Drink this Puerh tea when you wish to relax.


Price: $42.00

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The Cozy Tea Cart
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