Pi Lo Chun

This tea dates back to the seventeenth or eighteenth century and was a favorite of Emperor Kang Xi, who aptly named it because he thought the spiral shape of the leaves looked like tiny green snails. This tea is sometimes referred to as ‘biluochun’ or ‘green snail spring’. The tender leaf and bud are harvested between the end of March and the beginning of April in the Dong Ting Mountains in the Jiansu province of China. During the processing of this leaf, the bud and leaf set are rolled into a tight spiral to hold in the freshness longer. The steeped tea is a clear yellow with a light green tint and offers a fresh, crisp, and slightly sweet flavor. This delicious tea was originally called ‘astounding fragrance’ for centuries because of the aroma from the fresh leaves taking on the fragrance of nearby peach, plum and apricot tree blooms early in spring. Each sip will take you back to the fresh smell of fruit trees blooming in spring!


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