Sweet Rose

This Dark rose tea comes from the Hunan province of China and is a modern take on an ancient tea. It is made and aged the same way, but with rose petals added and shaped into hearts. The processing of Dark tea is similar to the production of Puerh tea where the aracha tea is pile fermented and pine fire dried. However, because of the special aging and processing of this tea, it has a lighter and sweeter flavor profile, than the strong earthiness of puerh. It produces a medium to full-bodied, smooth rose flavored infusion. Like the Puerh tea, the Dark tea has probiotic qualities which may aid in digestion. Each heart-shaped pressed tea is approximately five grams. While Dark tea has been extremely rare in the Western culture until the mid-nineties, it is known as a "tea of the people" in China. It makes the perfect Valentine's Day Gift - show that special someone in your life that love is brewing!


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