Hand of Reverence Blooming Tea

This tea ball from the Fujian province in China is hand crafted by skilled artisans using white Silver Needle tea buds that are light and slightly sweet. Between 30-50 tea buds are tied together with a variety of freshly dried flowers to form each tea ball. The special combination of tea buds and flowers provides a unique flavor, and the visual effect of the blooming tea is enchanting as the tea buds open and the flowers rise upward. The tea and flowers used in our blooming teas are carefully selected for both high quality and health benefits.

Each ball is individually sealed to protect flavor, aroma and freshness. There are no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Each tea ball weighs approximately 1/3 ounce. 

Ingredients: Silver Needle tea, Jasmine, Orange Lily and Osmanthus flowers.

Vegan and gluten free. $3.00 each or 5/$13.50 (discount will be applied in shopping cart).


Price: $3.00

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