Stupa – Artisan Tea

This artisan tea is handcrafted at Gopaldhara Tea Estate. It consists of pruned sections from the bud and stem of the tea bush. The shoot is lightly withered and then the leaves are stripped and removed from the stem. Next, the stem and bud are put into a bundle and tied together. The top of the bud is then bent backwards and pressed under a weight where it acquires its shape. The tea is then gently dried. There is some oxidation in the tea which aids in producing a flowery infusion. As the infusion starts to cool, chocolaty notes become prevalent. In the Darjeeling region of India, this tea is considered a Buddhist monument and they associate it with meditation. At the Gopaldhara Estate, they say, “Sip this tea and glide into Nirvana.”


Price: $3.00

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Hours of Operation

9am - 6pm


The Cozy Tea Cart
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