Nilgiri Tress

This uplifting black tea is from the Tea Studio in the lush tropics of Nilgiri India. It produces artisinally crafted boutique, whole leaf teas. In this male dominated industry, Muskan Kanna, director of operations, is one of few tea factory managers in the tea industry. She is committed to women empowerment, and employs no men, just a tiny workforce of educated women from the neighboring village. The factory is designed to be 100% nonpolluting and environmentally friendly.  A tiny factory of this size cannot yet do the volume to pay for organic certification. However, the teas are put through a certified government lab in Canada and are completely clean! This beautiful large and tightly rolled tea has a refreshing mahogany brown infusion. It is an energizing tea that is slightly malty, with a smooth, long floral finish with complex notes of apricots that is naturally sweet.



Price: from $1.00

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Hours of Operation

10am - 4pm


The Cozy Tea Cart
104 Route 13
Brookline, NH 03033
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