Tea Gift Box Experiences

Our Tea Gift Box Experiences are designed to help you enjoy delicious teas from around the world while also learning more about tea. Choose from 10 options!

What you get:

~ Delicious selection of teas based on the season (see list below for the number of teas and total amount of tea in each Tea Gift Box option)

~ Educational material about the types of tea in the box

~ Preparation guidelines for each tea in the box

To ensure you experience the best teas for any given time of the year, we will carefully choose which teas to include in your Tea Gift Box based on the season. This means that if you order the same Tea Gift Box at a different time of the year you are likely to receive different teas to try! 


Tea Gift Box Experience with FIVE teas:

~ Teas from Around the World: Features FIVE 1-oz bags of tea from five different tea regions for a total of 50 cups of tea.


Tea Gift Box Experiences with THREE teas:

Each of these Tea Gift Boxes will feature THREE 1-oz bags of tea for a total of 30 cups of tea.

~ Winter Comfort: Warm up with our comforting and spicy blends.

~ Iced Summer: Cool off with fruity teas that taste especially good when they are iced. Very refreshing!

~ Wellness: Nourishing teas with an antioxidant boost, perfect for relaxation!

~ Black Teas: Medium to full bodied teas that are invigorating and rich with long lasting flavor. 

~ Green Teas: Unique blends that are delicate and aromatic, or slightly sweet and fruity. 

~ White Teas: An assortment of mildly smooth teas with gentle and aromatic flavors.

~ Herbal Teas: Infusions that are refreshing and intoxicating to tranquil and relaxing.

~ Oolong Teas: These infusions can be light bodied with lush buttery flavors, to some with depth and character with an elegant woody finish. 


Tea Gift Box Experience with TEN teas:

~ This Tea Gift Box features a sample of each of our Top Ten Teas for a total of 10 cups of tea. A great gift for family and friends, this Gift Box is also a great choice for someone who wants to try what everyone else is having! We also recommend this Gift Box to those who are new to drinking tea ~ those who want to delve into tea but aren’t quite sure where to start.


All of these Tea Gift Box Experiences make wonderful gifts for family and friends. Check out our website for mugs, teapots, and travel mugs to pair with them!


Price: from $11.95

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