Sweet & Salty Gift Box

A unique selection of treats to satisfy both the sweet and the salty cravings! Choose from 4 options, details listed below.


Maple Sweets
Delicious, 100% pure maple products from Ben’s Sugar Shack in New Hampshire with the NH Seal of Quality. Certified Kosher, non-GMO and gluten-free. Produced in a nut-free facility.


Sail Mix Nuts
A tasty and natural treat from Harbor Sweets, located in Salem, MA. A mix of almond butter crunch, 70% Cacao dark chocolate, pecans, almonds, cranberries, with a hint of sea salt.


Tea Candy
Award-winning Tea Candies from Bali's Best made with tea extract. Rich, creamy and smooth, individually foil-wrapped to preserve freshness. No high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients.


Honey Spoons
Hand-poured honey spoons from Melville Candy Company in MA. Perfect for flavoring any hot beverage; simply place in your drink, wait one minute and enjoy your sweetened beverage.


Green Tea Mints
From Sencha Naturals, these  green tea mints are made with organic matcha and help freshen your breath naturally. Sugar-free.


Choose from our 4 Sweet and Salty Gift Boxes:

#1 Sweet and Salty with Maple Syrup
~ Maple Syrup - 1.7 oz
~ Sail Mix Nuts - 4 oz
~ Classic Iced Tea Candy - 5.3 oz
~ Orange Blossom Honey Spoon
~ Yuzu Ginger Green Tea Mints - 1.2 oz


#2 Sweet and Salty with Maple Sugar
Maple Sugar – 1.4 oz
~ Sail Mix Nuts - 4 oz
~ Citrus Green Tea Candy - 5.3 oz
~ Lavender Honey Spoon
~ Island Guava Green Tea Mints – 1.2 oz


#3 Sweet and Salty with Maple Sugar Candy
Maple Sugar Candy 1.4 oz
Sail Mix Nuts - .4 oz
~ Green Tea Latte Candy - 5.3 oz
~ Clover Honey Spoon
~ Lively Lemongrass Green Tea Mints – 1.2 oz


#4 Sweet and Salty with Maple Caramels
Tapped Maple Caramels .7 oz
~ Sail Mix Nuts - .4 oz
~ Classic Iced Tea – 5.3 oz
~ Lemon Honey Spoon
~ Bombay Chai Green Tea Mints – 1.2 oz


Price: $25.95

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