Original Flavor Scone Mix (20 oz pkg)

All the Victorian House Scone mixes simply require the addition of butter and buttermilk. They are easy to prepare and can be made ahead and the dough frozen for future servings. These scones go wonderfully well with our clotted cream, lemon or raspberry curd or your own fresh preserves. These scone mixes are double the size of the scone mixes on the market today and sell for the same price. Absolutely delicious and affordably priced.

This Original Flavor mix is the most versatile of all our scone mixes. It allows you to add any extra ingredients to create your own personal scone recipe! Sprinkling the scones with cinnamon sugar just before baking adds a delicious touch. Slather with warm butter and preserves for a delicious taste sensation! After strawberry or blueberry picking in the summer, split a scone in half and you've got a strawberry or blueberry shortcake! These scones can be enjoyed with all of our fine teas.


Price: $8.75

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